Fuel Transport for D G set Consumation

Our Experience

Sachin has been in the Fuel [Diesel] Transport business for 6 years. We have our own tank to carry 10000.


We provide an efficient and economical transport service for fuel distribution within Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane District, from point-of-supply to point-of-sale. We pride ourselves in service delivery excellence and continually work to exceed the minimum KPI requirements.

WE embrace the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM), and our Contract Administration Committee meet with client management at regular intervals to discuss KPI reports and any saving or efficiencies arising from process improvement.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Incidents (quality and safety)
  • Documentation neatness and accuracy
  • Vehicle utilisation
  • Delivery In Full On Time (DIFOT)
  • Customer stock outs
  • Carrier operation manual compliance

Environmental Management

We have widely accepted as an ethical operator both by customers and the community at large. This is a perception that we value greatly.

Environmental issues are harmful effects of human activity on the biophysical environment. Environmentalism, a social and environmental movement, addresses environmental issues through advocacy, education and activism. We expect all employees to be particularly sensitive to such issues and ensure they are aware of all environmental laws and regulations covering their individual jobs.

Safety Management

Driving safely is an essential responsibility. We do not teach one how to drive; instead, we teach driving techniques called the Five Keys to Space Cushion Driving that, when practiced, will give more space for the vehicle, better visibility for the driver, and more time to make proper driving decisions. The goal is to have fewer accidents; however, improved fuel economy, lower maintenance costs, and reduced stress for the driver are additional benefits of the Smith System.

Fuel Tank Assembly [D G Set]

We manufacture Fuel Tanks for D G Set from 500 to 1500 Litter’s fuel capacity using CRC low carbon steel .Our infrastructure is capable in forming any highly complex shapes. These are welded with advance technology welding.

After necessary gauging & online testing (leakage, pressure, welding defects) assemblies are powder coated, painted after pre-treatment as per customer requirements & specifications. Offline testing is carried out periodically to ensure long lasting quality & durability. Our fuel tanks are designed to use a vented gas cap to prevent a vacuum from forming in the fuel line. We supply spare cap for replacement to solve the problem.

Acoustic Enclosure

The acoustic enclosure is made of 1.6/ 2 mm thick CRCA sheets and structural/ sheet metal base frame painted in Blue shade. The walls of the enclosure are insulated with fire retardant foam so as to comply with the 75 dBA at 1mtr sound levels specified by Ministry of Environment & Forest.

The acoustic enclosure has the following features:

  • Specially designed to meet stringent MOEF/ CPCB norms of 75 dBA @ 1mtr at 75% load under free field conditions up to 1000 kVa
  • Designed to have optimum serviceability
  • Air inlet louvers specially designed to operate at rated load even at 50 deg. C enclosure temp.
  • Made for consistency in quality and workmanship
  • Powder coated for long lasting service life and superior finish
  • With UV resistant powder coating, can withstand extreme environments
  • Use of stainless steel hardware
  • Insulation material meets exacting IS 8183 specs for better sound attenuation

Manpower Solutions

We have highly professional, competent and a ‘comprehensive team with an excellent track record of providing 24x7 quality services for academic institutions, industries, malls for managing their Electrical facilities.