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Rental Load Banks

For 20 years, customers have trusted Sachin for load bank rentals. The reliability and practicality of load bank rentals for power system testing can prevent the risk of costly power failures and maximize efficient production during routine maintenance.

  • Testing lower power factor simulation, frequency converters or full electrical system integration,
  • Commissioning newly installed turbine or diesel generators,
  • Performing maintenance testing on equipment,
  • Constructing a gas turbine platform, and
  • Many other applications.
  • Load Bank Rentals and Accessories for Power Testing

Our load bank rentals range in various sizes with purely resistive load banks with various testing capabilities. The load banks provided by us give you the total flexibility to test any power source, UPS systems, DG set before installation, for periodic performance review or for commissioning.

This ensures confidence in operation and ensures that every piece of equipment is worth the financial investment. Further, the power factor in our load banks is almost unity since these are resistive type. Pre-determined load steps can be manually initiated in simple steps.

We deliver a high-quality report with a record of all documentation, testing method, schematics, load diagrams etc., at the end of the load test, which can be used of future reference and audits.

Our expert team stands by you at all times and gives you the clearest picture in defining your requirements, designing the layout and implementing the operation.

Our load banks are extremely robust, compact in size, capable of rapid mobilization in any location and carry all protective features and cut-outs to ensure safe operation at all times.