Our Profile

Sachin Elecricals is a forward-thinking organization of diligent professionals offering top-notch services such as performance testing of D G Set, UPS, and Transformers using our resistive Load Bank, Emergency power using our Generator Rental services and offering solutions for services related to all electrical activites in India.

We have a rich history of creating consistent value for our customers and stakeholders with our reliable-yet-flexible approach and complete solutions.

This has given us a significant footprint in the market over the past 20 years, and we have catered to a broad spectrum of reputed customers across all demographics and verticals.

Powered by a highly skilled and motivated workforce, we consistently exceed expectations at every step whilst working in a safe and responsible manner.

We design and manufacture custom build Acoustics Panel, Load Bank, Diesel Tank for DG Set which means we are able to optimise it for the specific requirements of our customers and of the rental business.

Sachin has been in the Fuel [Diesel] Transport business for last 6 years. We provide an efficient and economical transport service for fuel distribution within Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane District, from point-of-supply to point-of-use. These services are available to all customers who are using D G Set as an emergency power source.

We pride ourselves in service delivery excellence and continually work to exceed the minimum

We embrace the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM), and our Contract Administration Committee meet with client management at regular intervals to discuss KPI reports and any saving or efficiencies arising from process improvement

We keep our equipment for its useful life, so the better we build and maintain the equipment, the longer its life will be. We take enormous care to build and maintain our equipment to the highest standards and this means that our customers see high quality and reliable equipment.

Our Mission

We strive to be the national leader in the resistive load bank rental industry with brands built on preferred provider of targeted customer service in our communities based on strong customer relationship.

Our Vision

Our aim is to make Indians proud of the Made-In-India label by providing highly innovative, most technologically advanced, customer friendly resistive load bank, which are better than the competition & poised for further expansion in India.